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Dear Colin Low, Your Chinese Zodiac is Rooster. Below are the life prediction for 2011:
Profoundly convinced of the merits of traditional and conformist marriage, the Rooster will feel ill at ease in face of the free-and-easy attitude that will seem to prevail this year. He/she will probably react with much vehemence and awkwardness to this somewhat murky situation. His/her violent reaction might have undesirable repercussions on his/her general comportment, and particularly on his/her conjugal and family relations.But why should he/she be so much upset? Isn’t it that “what troubles people is not things but the judgment they have on things” (Epictetus)? If the Rooster is readily willing to show more flexibility, tolerance and sense of humor, then he/she will enjoy interior peace and won’t run the risk of suffering from high blood pressure!

Chinese yearly horoscope 2011

What lies in wait for you in the year 2011? Chinese astrology has definite answers to this question. And, owing to its five thousand years of existence, its answers can prove to be astoundingly accurate and opportune.

This horoscope is based on Chinese astrology of the purest tradition. It not only tells you what may happen to you in all these sectors during 2011, but it also gives you such pertinent advice as to allow you to live a richer and more satisfactory life.

This horoscope is unique in its kind. Nowhere else can you find a yearly horoscope like this one!